Welcome to my homepage

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But first, Let me introduce properly myself. I’m  Khalegh Salehi; Vulnerability Researcher and Software Security Engineer . I received a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from University of Daneshvaran in 2010; My B.Sc. Project supervised by Prof. Ayaz Isazadeh was on “The survey on Software Testing Methodologies”.   The areas of my professional activity, research & interesting topics are included and not limited to;

  • Software Security & Computer Programming
  • Vulnerability Researcher  &  Security Assessment.
  • Information & Network Security
  • Computer & Network Digital Forensic
  • Reverse Engineering

Besides security world,  I have and love cats. I am  a member of amateur boxing community and every week climbing and hiking.  I have a easy-going attitude toward life and usually you can find me happy, why not!, smile is free 🙂 . I love helping others solve their problems.So, if you have any problems (specially related to computers and cat worlds) and you guess that I can help, I am always in touch 🙂


The legend never die!